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World Upside Down
Misc - Photograph
jadedfrenzy wrote in lj_photophile
Playing with reflections on the glass ball in a spinning wind chime off my balcony.

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Like the color and perspective.

I like it. It is so simple, yet has so much interest in it.

The crisp focus on the primary subject really makes it pop. Good placement. Great composition!

its so simple but its looks really beautiful. great job :)

That's really clever! Awesome photograph! :D

i love photos like this. very cool

Almost whimsical...it's got a very play-like nature to it for me. Nice job :)


Eye of the skies? Very nice perspective with the reflection!

оуууу ессссссс - OHHH yes

Oh my God! It's amazing!!!)))))

Круто!!! целый мир внутри!!!!)))

Супер!!! Very nice

Wow! Extra cool!
Is full version accessible?)

Feast to my eyes, I just out of the world, upside down :)

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