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Home Sweet Home
matopa wrote in lj_photophile
Our set up this year :D


My mom would love this. She used to set up something similar every year. It almost saddens me to see this because she doesn't do it anymore.

Aw! :( I can understand why she might not do it anymore. It took my mom and I six hours to set it all up. Yet, now when we sit down and look at it, we are at peace. So, well worth it!

Holy crap that looks like a Trans Siberian CD COVER - gorgeous!!

Thank you so much! Now that you mention it, it does, doesn't it? Haha. Thanks again!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! That icon makes me giggle! :)

Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing!

You're very welcome! Glad you liked it :)

Damn that is sooo cool!

I want that to be my wallpaper! Can u give a link to a big (1400X900 or more) version?

Sure, let me know if this link works for you:

Glad you liked it! :)

Oh, it's really beautiful, it's like a fairytale in you hall. :)

Thank you! I love just sitting down and staring at it. Strange, I know... but it's so relaxing :D


(am I correct, though, in assuming you have neither small children nor animals such as cats or dogs?)

Yes, you are correct, haha! That would not last a second, nevermind all holiday season :)

And thank you!! I would like a puppy/dog someday though, but we have plenty of room in the home to keep him/her out of this area. :D

Wow! This is beautiful XD
Like it! =D

Woooow. :D My grandparents do something similar, but definitely not as large as this. Beautiful.

Thank you so much! It has grown slowly over the last three or so years. I think my mother has finally said "no more" haha. It's a lot of work, but definitely worth it. Thank you again!

I like the light values. Might be interesting to see if you had framed the tree off center.

Hmmm! That's a good thought. At the time, I wasn't thinking of sharing the image, was simply attempting to get it all in one shot ... haha. But, I am going to try and get it with the tree off-center and see how it looks. THANKS!

That's so cute!!! I'm so sad now, that I don't have enough room to put something like that up in my own apartement.. But anyways, it feels like Christmas now:)

Thank you!

Aww, don't be sad! This started out as something really small, and it was still really pleasurable to have. I think even if you have one or two little houses, and some fake snow, it would be great! :)

You reminded me i need to decorate the home tooo...

Re: Oh how beautiful...

Thank you! Yeah, it's a lot of hard work, but so worth it. :)

Супер)))очень красиво)))