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san francisco
chromeskies wrote in lj_photophile

Photo taken in Buena Vista Park in San Francisco, CA on the morning of 10/10/10.

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you, I love your icon of the red door! :)

Thank you! It was late morning and the way the sun hit the trees sent a pretty beam of light through them, I just had to get a pic. :)

(Deleted comment)
♥ ♥ Thank you! I LOVE your icon.

I love it too. It was made by soaked.

Lovely framed shot. Beautiful.

Thank you! :D This is my first time posting on lj_photophile so I appreciate the comments!

This is beautiful! I love the way you captured the different colors and play of light in the shot.
It makes me feel peaceful looking at it.

Aw, thank you! I wish I could have just stayed there in the trees (I'm sure the squirrels would have welcomed me!). :D

The color and how u perfectly captured the light in the angles of the trees is gorgeous. Beautifully done! :)

Aw, thank you! It was so pretty, I wished I could have stopped time and stayed there (but I guess since I can't, I take pics!). :)

No matter how often we see beauty - isn't it amazing how it is different every single time.

Thanks for sharing such a sweet photo.

Thank you for the lovely comment! It makes me sad that so many people ignore the simple beauties in life.

This reminds me of my own time I spent with nature, specifically up in Yosemite quite a couple of years ago. There is a beauty there that is indescribable but can be felt in every molecule of one's being.

It is so true! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. :)

i love the colors... they are awesome :D

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