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A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Lichtenstein castle
alexk_il wrote in lj_photophile

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Very nice photo! (I now want to go there.)

looks like right out of a fairy tale...

This is such a beautiful pictures.

That is unbelievably gorgeous.

Wow! What preset do you have it in in your editing software, it looks like another world!?

I mostly use Lightroom for my workflows. Sometimes having less options (Compared to the PhotoShop) simplifies the editing :).

I use Lightroom too, do you use any of the presets, there in the section where you view your photo library, not in the develop area. There's a tab on the side, and it says presets?

Yes, I'll check later which one I used for this shot

OK, I used the "Gritty Exposure" preset to start with, and I added more than 50 other adjustments with temperature, tint, HSL, adjustments, etc.

Whoa!! This looks like a Fairyland. Simply stunning.

That is a wonderful shot.

WOW. I actually thought to myself, "Is this real life?!" Beautiful, outworldly shot.

Thaks a lot! I'm admired!

Beautiful! Nearly like drawings early last century with so much detail and mood. Seems that strong contrast and a few particular colour filters did the trick. And a lovely scene too.

Thanks a lot for everyone leaving a comment and for voting

Очень красиво,заворажиает!Что-то Прекрасно-Средневековое! Смотрю с удовольствием!

Lichtenstein castle

This picture is like a fairytale. I really want to visit this place.

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