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A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Old city centre
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martinibaby1 wrote in lj_photophile


Taken in the old city centre of Ghent (Belgium)

And in real life it's even more so :)

The reflections really make these shots.

wow these are just amazing. Great job

Yeah, I need to visit now. I like the first and second the best. The first because it's slightly eerie, and the second for it's small bursts of color.

You're definitely more than welcome - I'll be your guide and Mieke has a house near this old city centre.

Oh! Ten years ago this fall I sat on that same wall as in the bottom picture, and ate fries with my sister and watched the very friendly people pass by. That was probably my favorite day of our whole trip. Thank you for such a lovely reminder.

It's such a nice place to hang out, especially during summer time. Every spot near the water is occupied with young people, singing, drinking, talking. It's very nice and I'm glad it was a lovely day for you.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you very much. I think I have. I'll take a look at in tomorrow an will let you know.

I've been in Ghent not that much time ago, it's such a beautiful place~
Your pics catch so well the beauty of the facades of those houses, I think it's a view I'll never forget. Great picture ♥

It's beautiful indeed, so many nice places and parcs to hang out. I love that city and am glad I work in it. Thanks for your amazing comments and feedback.

Woah! These are gorgeous shots. And the coloring...woah.
Love them! :D

I've been to Ghent this summer. Soo beautiful! ;) Nice shots!

It's a beautiful city indeed. Thanks for the feedback!

is there anyway I could persuade you to make that first one a desktop wallpaper size? They're all gorgeous! but the first one is just spectacular :)

I can give you the download link so you can make that desktop wallpaper yourself because I honestly don't know how to do it myself. Or if you say how to do it, I want to try it... Let me know okay?

I recognised Ghent immediately!!!

Love the pics!

Do you make icons? Would be great ;)

Edited at 2010-10-14 04:36 am (UTC)

Ah it's nice to meet another Flemish girl here. I used to live there as well but we moved 2 years ago. But I still work in Ghent so that's nice. And I'm not an icon maker... sorry.

(Deleted comment)
I think this is Russia for 'beautiful' or something like that? :)