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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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ropo camera, camera ropo
ropo wrote in lj_photophile
dawn at the wildlife reserve

Taken this morning at the wildlife reserve near my house.


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Thanks for the feedback!

Both are stunning, but I like the color version best!

Thanks! I thought people would like the b/w but I was very very wrong! ;-)

i like first, but b/w is great too )

Wow...I *love* the first picture.

Beautiful shot! I like the non-black and white version. It just seems more magical.

The color one is magical. The b&w is spooky. I like hoe the removal of color can change the whole feel of a picture. Wonderful shot.

S-so beautiful..........
I really love them both, but I like first the most *A*

OMG! That is something incredible!
InColor Photo is just breathtaking!

Both are amazing but that color one really grabs me.

Thanks! Most people seem to like that one best.

Thanks, I think! ;-)

the black and white photo looks more like it's out of a old scary movie, except that you can still tell it's the sun and not the moon. but it is still beautiful.

Thanks! Yeah, I was pleased with catching the sun's rays.

B&W is not good actually, but the first one is awesome!!! Where do you live? :-)

Thanks - I live in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.


Thanks! I need to get up early more often (or stay up all night) to catch sunrises like this.