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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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LiveJournal photos of the week
bluemeringue wrote in lj_photophile

Poll #1612863 Photo of the week poll

Tell us your picks in pics!


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The first one ROCKS, IMO. ;-)

(Sorry to delete this and then repost it, but it looked like a reply to the first person here, which it wasn't meant to be. ;-) )

o my god. love ur userpic!!

If you were replying to me--thank you. ;-) My friend trinkettt who runs trinkettticons made it. ;-)

I *love* that dandelion one! I wish I could do that with my camera!

How am I supposed to choose?!?


Loooook how cute and worried and serious that kitten is OMG!

But I had to go for the first one.

WOW! The landscapes are just stunning this time. It's practically impossible to choose! :O

Amazing photos!! I'm in love with the 4th one.

It was a very hard choice this time. The landscapes are so beautiful, the macro of dandelion is stunning. But the vote went to the fourth photo: amazing colors, reflection in water.

I voted for the 4th picture too. The rich colors remind me of a Maxfield Parrish painting.

GAH! I wanted to vote for the kitten, but got confused about how the buttons lined up, and my vote went to the sky. *pout*

the first one really caught my eye

(Deleted comment)
Looks like the 4th One was edited and processed, but anyway, painted or not, i agree it's the best and beautiful

(Deleted comment)

Re: .::Nice to meet you::.

Offtopic: well, can u tell me, why don't u keeping your journal? It 'll be interesting for me to read korean citizen like u )

Голосую за номер 4 (manofart). Облака, отраженные в воде. Очень красиво.

this was exceptionally hard all the pics are just amazing, good job to you all

t.minus 5 - zombie time.

man, they're all so preeeeetty... but the first one just ROCKS!

the fourth one is so cool, good ol' mixtures of blues but the first one reminded me of supernatural...and in the spirit of SPN season 6--- my vote goes to the Archangel-Is-Coming-Down-To-Zap-You photo.

oh no!!
all of them are sooooo good.. i don't know which one should i choose..
hmmmm, maybe the last one. i DO love it..

I had a hard time choosing between the 4th one and the 5th one. Really, that cat is just so cute, even though i'm not really a cat person, but the 4th one just has so many colors, it to beautiful, so I had to put it first.

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