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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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(no subject)
eurekagray wrote in lj_photophile


Oh Yes! Very special indeed.

thats freaking awesome. what makes it even better is I totally know how you got that shot cause I tried the same thing but didnt come out with awesomeness like you did :)

Thanks! It was fun to find the right angle and night-time stuff is always tricky.

Wow pretty! Love the way you manage to give a fresh twist to something that has been taken so many times.

Good!!! Really good!

very luxcurios thanks for shareing i loved it

Ah, comme d'une belle manière

I think you're a pretty awesome photographer.
I love this pic. ;)


SUPER!!!!! Very,very beautiful!!!!!!!!!

It's so beautiful! :-) Colours are perfect!

i lovee ur pic!!! its amazing how in just one shot u can show all the magic that this place have.