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LiveJournal Photophile

A big picture view of LJ photographers

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Severe tenderness.
Natalie Fed, portret
natalie_fed wrote in lj_photophile

The majesty and tranquility ... each time I can not sufficiently admire...

Впечатляет.... спокойствие силы...

Ему не до суеты - Он смотрит в вечность...

That cloud line is totally what makes it.

Saw your photo at LJ News - stunning!

Oh! I did not know about the News. Thank you for your message!

yes!so beatiful !infact ,i haven't seen such heavy snow before ,i love snow !

I also love the snow ... Thank you. :)

Просто дух захватывает!!!!!!! Красота!!!!!!

Полностью согласна с вами! Я вижу это каждый день, но и у меня дух захватывает. :)

May I ask where this is? :)

This is the Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia Far East).

Красиво! Очень! и облака выглядят бесподобно... фактурность налицо!
*ищу кнопку "В избранное"))

Спасибочки за отзыв! :)

Awww. Where is this? = )

Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia Far East).

that's the real beauty of the world we live in..

I totally agree with you. :)

I think it's Mount Baker... in Washington State. Much closer than I usually see it from Victoria, BC!

Well, almost ... :) Avachinskiy Volcano, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia Far East.

(Deleted comment)
Beauty is a terrible force... Yes?