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manda2177 wrote in lj_photophile

I made this pink cake with a surprise inside....

More pictures at my blog, i am baker.

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wow nice!
it reminds me of Alice in wonderland

How pretty! I'm SO impressed with the surprise inside! WOW! Great job--makes me wish I were invited to the party!

Very pretty! Loved the surprise inside...

1. very nice photo. 2. what a gorgeous looking cake, both inside and out!

I voted for you in this week's contest.

The stem on the platform echoes the shapes in the background... the branches arching upward to hold up the new leaves.

I also liked the details of the fork at right and the teacup at left.

Thank you! But I have to reveal my lack of knowledge here... what contest? Is this something I need to go and properally thank you for?

I'm sorry I dont know about this!

The photophile contest here.

No need to thank me, it was my pleasure.

Oh, and I chose another photo of yours here, but send your son out of the room before you go look. :)

Oh wow!! That is so neat and KIND of you!! Thanks so much! You just made my whole day!!


In that cake case, I'm delighted. :)

Beautiful cake, well done!

Wow! That is just awesome, and the surprise - absolutely gorgeous! I just love this image because of the colours and the simplicity of it. The background really makes it so much better too. It's fantastic that you don't need to be some fancy photographer or computer genius to create something so sensational!
Congratulations on your win and happy baking!

Wonderful pink cake.
The flowers insider are gorgeous.

Great job! )))))
I like the cake, it is so sweet and beautiful!
Congratulations )

ммммм, наверное очень вкусно

i showed your cake to my friends on facebook and i told them you made it. everybody was crazy about it, they think you just brilliant baker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAke? Pictures, Images and Photos

You are the sweetest!!! Thank you so much!!

I couldn't remember where I saw this cake but I was telling Lil Miss about it and she will be so thrilled to see what I was talking about. Love the Waterford!

Ням-ням-нямка))))такой воздушный!сорри -мой англ. отдыхает!

I do not like it, because I do not like sweet and I love good photography.

Good to know! Thanks for taking the time to share that.

this picture is absolutely great, i love sweet and pink is my favorite color so pink and sweet combined together is just lovely..

That cake looks like a giant snoball. It looks awesome

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