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Rattlesnake Canyon
Still Waiting
waitingman wrote in lj_photophile
Rattlesnake Canyon V

And yes... there was a rattlesnake in there

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Beautiful photo and mixture of colors.
Are we looking at at a cluster of rock formations? Would you mind identifying some specifics of the photo?

there was a rattlesnake in there
Did it come out to say hello or was it rattled by your presence?
OK! OK! Very bad pun.

What we're looking at is the wall of a canyon formed by water & sand pushing through the rocks. This leaves the various textures & lines you see here, with the colours changing all day, depending on how the sun filters through the top. Here is a photo I took looking onto the top of the canyon. It's not a big one - Antelope Canyon further up the river bed is the one everyone goes to (including me) - & the twisting walk through it is mostly done crouching to avoid hitting your head or other photographers

There was indeed a rattlesnake in there... only a baby one about 6 inches long, but according to our guide, still poisonous enough to want to avoid. Fortunately (disapointingly?) it stayed curled up as we passed, not even a baby rattle...

Thanks for the explanation.
Where were you standing that you could look onto the canyon top?

Yes, every nature program that I've seen warns that a baby rattler can give a serious, even lethal dose of poison. I guess nature starts them off ready to defend themselves. Well, anyway, it wouldn't be nice to wake a sleeping baby. Shhhh...

the wall of a canyon formed by water & sand pushing through the rocks
Too bad we don't have photos of how these canyons, rocks, etc. looked way back when. Could the Grand Canyon have begun as a pothole?

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