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Newborn and Momma
captains_healer wrote in lj_photophile
It's pupping season here at home for the harbor seals.

mama and baby

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Nice shot/capture, and so sweet! Where's home?

Thank you! Monterey, California.

Sublime! Look how silvery they are!

They had just come out of the water from a swimming lesson. They were super shiny. Sometimes they have a fuzzy look to them too.

You caught a lovely moment.

Thank you! I have a photo of him/her nursing too. Although you can't see the babies face, you can tell because of where he/she is positioned.

Whenever pupping season comes around, I drag my husband and teenager do the beach so that I can get some photos. It's such a sweet time to witness. There is a large chain link fence between them and where the recreation trail is so that passersby don't disturb them.

Cool capture of such an intimate moment! :)

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