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Parking Lot Wall
Hand - ☆
theidolhands wrote in lj_photophile
I'm not posting because I expect to win or anything, just looking to start a dialog and share images. How's your weekend going?

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love the eyeball with wings and claws

Digging that right wall :D

My weekend is nice, about to do my weekly grocery trip to Wegmans, which makes me unreasonably happy.

It's going fairly well, thanks. :)

I love found art like that--random murals are awesome. I get the feeling SF is a wonderful city to just wander around in.

Well, it is and it ain't. lol

Times and parts are magical, other times and parts require street smarts and 21+

Still, I think even a lot of grunge is sincere, I saw some other cities that were going for a lot of similar vibes and our hipsters are downright sunny in comparison imho.

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