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info2007 wrote in lj_photophile

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Красавица какая! И не боится:) Любопытная, наверное))

Или длиннофокусником издалека против ветра снимали ))

This is charming! I prefer it to the one that was in the photophile competition this morning.

I agree. I like the other picture as well, but this one has more of a punch to it.

I agree! I think this one is more interesting, composition-wise, and the fox just looks awesome (in both, but I prefer him sitting like this).

I love the way this photo is balanced, with the fox to the side and that long shadow across the middle. Great shot!

She is my sister, isn't she?

I suppose it's your brother ...

It's even better;)
Thank you for this nice foto:)

Love this! Excellent shot!

That's an amazing and really cute photo!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Is that a male or female?

Incredible shot! Beautiful.

Aww~ It's so lovely ♥

What a wonderful picture.

oh wow. That is a beautiful capture. Its almost like '' go ahead, I love to be photographed'' :)

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Aww! I totally love foxes!!

Какая красивая!

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