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Winter Storm Q
ehowton wrote in lj_photophile

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He's a Maine Coon named Marko Ramius :)

it`s truly wonderful :)

He looks so content! Lovely picture of an even more charming kitty! ^___^'

Thank you! It was his first time out in awhile - he was sniffing the air. Wasn't so sure about the wall of snow he first encountered!

Thanks. He's tough to photography normally.

I like that! Zen cat is zen.

What a handsome boy! He looks so very pleased.

Thank you! He's usually trying too hard to pull off being aloof. I tell him all the time, "You're doing it wrong! Trying too hard defeats the purpose."

I love it when it looks like you can almost hear their thoughts: "smell that crisp, clean air!"

And they say cats don't have expressions!

Like Fonzie, with fur. If only he had opposable thumbs! Actually, after saying that, I realize how much MORE trouble he could get into. Strike that.

I have a Maine Coone named Jasper who looks remarkably like your Daisy and he's little for a Maine Coone too. (12lbs) It was when I saw your picture of Marko I said instantly oh he's a Coone cat! Look at that fur! Here's one of Jasper cat in his full winter glory trying to look like Fizzgig from The Dark Crystal... ;)

Winter Jasper photo 015-1_zpsf79437a5.jpg

OMG he does look like Daisy! He's beautiful! Yeah, aren't those "winter coats" they wear amazing?

Thanks for sharing your picture :)

(And love your Lestrade ava - he's one of my favorite characters on there. Did you ever watch Cracker on BBC? I mention it to everyone who enjoys SHERLOCK but may have missed it.)

Expression of cat's face is PRICELESS!! LMAO!!

If only I could post a pic...

I swear, we have the same cat! I took a similar pic of mine looking out my sliding door at the last big snow fall. I have to figure out how to upload photos.

Your Marko is beautiful.

eta: hope this works-

Edited at 2013-04-13 09:28 pm (UTC)

feeling the sping spirit)

That's not spring, its SNOW :P

And don't kid yourself - he totally knows it - and perhaps more alarmingly communicates very well in getting his way :P

Great photo. Wonderful cat. I have a couple of Maine Coons. A brother and sister (mutts really - is that what you call mixed cats?) but of the big variety. They are such amazing creatures.

Thanks! And I don't know about `mutt` except that I would never use it in his presence. He prefers, `Your majesty` or sometimes, `Your excellency` or even `Your holiness.` He can be rather insistent that way.

Wonderful cat and it's not fat but so cute ! Thanks !

He looks like he's daydreaming.

He also looks proud and wise... but hey, maybe that's just me.

Male Maine Coons are known for being "clownish" and that describes him perfectly! Marko the sage would be a very different kitty indeed :)

What a fantastic photo!

The expression on the cat’s face I’m putting down to sheer bliss, though having never seen snow myself I’m assuming that it’s very cold, so perhaps the cat is struck dumb in sheer shock and terror.

First time outside in a week; he was sniffing the air. And yes, doing so joyfully :D

красивый котик

what a lovely photograph

Why thank you!

Такая довольная мордочка... Красавец!!!

Почему спасибо мэм!

Кошак в нирване. :)

Буддийская котенок буддийских XD


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