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Rat the Angel
wild7orchid wrote in lj_photophile
Why "rat" is often a swearing word? It's so unfair! :(

Click the image if you want to see a bigger photo on Flickr.

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A friend of mine, she has a pet rat. It's odd to see it running around the house though.

I guess you have to used to a rat. If guests see it without any warning, some oversensitive people can get a heart-attack. :))

Yeah, we found that out. My sister surprised my aunt with her pet mouse once. I've never seen anyone move so fast.


Rat people are born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. They are expressive and are talkative at times. They like to party and spend quite a lot of time chatting with their friends. Although the rat has the ability to be quiet, it is rare to see a rat sitting quietly. In general, rat people are nevertheless honest. They can always make a success out of their lives as long as they manage to master their perpetual discontent and their insistence on living in the present. A rat is not romantic but he is sensual and loving. Rat people are hard to get to know at first as they are very protective but they are worth it - ask anyone who has a rat for a lover, parent, child or friend. They are very loyal and devoted to their families.


Thank you for such huge and detailed comment. It was very interesting to read it. :))

Rats as a rule are remarkably intelligent, social beings. They make wonderful companions and often become fast friends with dogs, cats, and people. Unlike hamsters and some other rodents, they thrive among their friends and need to be living with other rats to be happy and healthy. Glad to see your four-legged friend looking so content! The crook of an arm is a lovely place to be =)

I'm glad to know that you have such a positive attitude towards rats. They are so cute, especially white ones. :D

I've always had rats and loved them to pieces! They are so sweet and playful! I stopped getting new ones, because they live so short and it broke my heart each time I lost one..

This one looks super soft! :D

It's so pity that pet's life is much shorter than humans and I'm sorry to hear about your losses. *hugs*

Yeah, it was nice guy. Kids couldn't take theirs hands off. I had to wait to make the photo. :))

Very cute, eyes like a buttons:) And great picture, so sharp, you can see every hair.

Thank you! It was easy to work with the naturally born super-model. lol

Edited at 2013-02-14 03:48 pm (UTC)

Great shot! Love rats... I can never get good clear shots of my girls :)

Yeah, they move around a lot, usually. But this little guy was a little bit scared because of all the attention and plenty of people around, so he was holding the pose very well. ;)

My rat used to go places with me in the car all the time. I had a transporting cage for him and he'd hop into it knowing that he got to go with. He'd be next to me all tucked into my seatbelt, when he was small enough in his transport cage. When he got too big for it, he had to stay home.

You two had totally adorable relationship! :))

Angel indeed! Perfect shot of the Angel's devotion at the moment of peace

Thanks for the nice comment, dear! :D

What a cutie!

Except for that lizard, I have 3 rats at home. One grey, one black and white and one black.

WOW! It sounds like a totally rat-friendly home, mate! Awesome! :D

I love BE Himi/Siamese. :D

I like rats! I have one :) Its very nive ^^

I'm glad to hear that! :))

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