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Ready to catch the ball
crysania4 wrote in lj_photophile

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Thank you! It was a beautiful day for photos!

WOW! It's, like, A LOT of snow! Poor little doggie! lol

It's only about 7 or 8 inches of snow, so not too much! lol The dog is pretty tall (he's some sort of Giant Schnauzer/Lab mix and has SUPER long legs). He thought the snow was awesome. They were actually tossing him snowballs and he was catching them.

He looked like this a little while later. The snow exploding around his face is the snowball he snagged midair!


That. Is. ADORABLE. If I were you, that would be in a frame on the wall before the week was up. What a great picture!

Thank you! It would totally be framed if it were my dog, but he's just one of the dogs who comes to our play group.

I bet his mom or dad loves the picture! :)

I'm not sure they've seen it yet but hopefully they do!

Charming, and a wonderful action shot.

charming shots indeed and they make you smile. extremely nice and positive

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