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One serious dude
wild7orchid wrote in lj_photophile

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Maybe he wasn't happy with people staring. Crowd can be very annoying, you know. ;)

Waiting for explanations... Convincing ones.
Oh, those eyes...

Yeah, someone has a plenty of explanations to do and I don't envy that person. lol

Looks somewhat sad, but beautiful. Colors are stunning!

I really appreciate your appreciation! :D

LOL Looks like he's getting ready for take off.

To take off and catch some little furry pet who didn't hide fast. :))

It's like the Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights of the bird world.

Thank you for such a deep comment! I had to Google... :))

Oh yes, someone's really pissed off there.

But amazing photo!!

Thank you very much for your nice comment! :D

Looks like he's got a sort of constipation :))

Everything is possible! lol

Сердюк какой...

Да уж, серьезный мужчинка. Руку в клюв не клади! :))

nicee! that's one mean looking bird xD great picture!

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