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Chihuly glass
Elijah photographer
newleaf31 wrote in lj_photophile

Taken at the Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Love the colors! Great shot!

Thanks! Chihuly's glasswork is just about the most inspiring thing I've ever encountered as a photographer. Amazing artistry!

Wow, that's gorgeous; I'd love to see that exhibit in person! You photographed it in such a way that it highlights some of the most intriguing patterns and colors!

Thank you so much! This is a really cool exhibit. It's actually a clear glass ceiling with all the colored glass pieces stacked on top, so it's like being under the sea and looking up into all the "sea life." It's so beautiful. :D

that is so beautiful!! thanks for sharing. :)

Thank you! And thanks for looking. :)

An explosion of colours and light. So beautiful! :D

Thank you! The whole time I was at the exhibit, I was just wonderstruck. I've never seen so much beautiful color, pattern, and light in one place. Magical.

Till now I thought it impossible to shot Chihuli so sharp and real colours... Respect.

Thank you, I appreciate that so much! It took FOREVER -- so many tries on different settings, with different lenses -- to capture with the camera what my eye saw when I looked at it.

I can imagine, it was not simple. But well done. :-))

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