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Chihuly glass
Elijah photographer
newleaf31 wrote in lj_photophile

Taken at the Chihuly exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

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Love the colors! Great shot!

Thanks! Chihuly's glasswork is just about the most inspiring thing I've ever encountered as a photographer. Amazing artistry!

Wow, that's gorgeous; I'd love to see that exhibit in person! You photographed it in such a way that it highlights some of the most intriguing patterns and colors!

Thank you so much! This is a really cool exhibit. It's actually a clear glass ceiling with all the colored glass pieces stacked on top, so it's like being under the sea and looking up into all the "sea life." It's so beautiful. :D

that is so beautiful!! thanks for sharing. :)

Thank you! And thanks for looking. :)

An explosion of colours and light. So beautiful! :D

Thank you! The whole time I was at the exhibit, I was just wonderstruck. I've never seen so much beautiful color, pattern, and light in one place. Magical.

Till now I thought it impossible to shot Chihuli so sharp and real colours... Respect.

Thank you, I appreciate that so much! It took FOREVER -- so many tries on different settings, with different lenses -- to capture with the camera what my eye saw when I looked at it.

I can imagine, it was not simple. But well done. :-))

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