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Winter Sea
ashklyaeva wrote in lj_photophile

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Very nice indeed--great color, great contrast, great drama.

Thank you very much! =)

Great lighting and so much drama! Awesome shot

Oh, thanks! :)
By the way, you have wonderful pictures in your journal!

THankyou :)

I have more here

Wee you in a boat when you took this shot or standing on the shore? i would be worried about being splashed by the waves!

I was standing on the part of this pier, where it is rather safe :) But the weather was changing and becoming more bad so fast, that I had to return on the shore very quickly.

Изумительная фотография! Где это?

Спасибо большое! :)

Это мол в Клайпеде(Литва).

Это Вам спасибо - залюбовалась, не оторваться:)

Wow, what a great picture.

WOW! This took my breath away. Beautiful!

Fantastic - so much movement and light... Just wow!

Amazing picture! Just... wow!

breathtaking!! there's so much going on and you managed to capture it perfectly!

Thank you very much! :)

WOW! Great shot indeed! :))

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