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Magic Mist
feya_d wrote in lj_photophile

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It brings some magic into our world:)

Thank you!

i love the colors! well done!

Wow beautiful ! Great shot!!

Thank you very much! It was really a great sunset. I was lucky, I had my camera in the car.

Aaahhhh I though it was sunrise,either way Beautiful !

Sorry for disappointing you:)

wow,the color is really beautiful!! I love it soooo much!

The photo would be lovely on its own with the mist, but the colors, oh my, they are stunning.

Come to Ljubljana once! I`ll be happy to show you what our mist is:)

Magnificent colours! :))

Thank you! You are always so kind to my pictures:)

This is fabulous! I love the composition and the colours. I'd have guessed sunrise, too - I think that must be because where I live it's very rare for there to be any snow left at the end of a day.

Thank you very much!
You see, this picture is really special for me - after that day I always have my camera in the car:)
We have mist in the morning and in the evening very often here, in Ljubljana. That afternoon I was driving home after work, and the sun was going down, and when I was already not far from home, suddenly that mist appeared - and it was really gold! It became quite thick very quickly, it was nearly impossible to drive. And I had no camera with me... You can`t imagine, how angry I was on myself:)
So, when I finally came home, I grabbed my camera and ran to the field in front of our house, but I could get only what was left from that fairy golden mist. Not much...

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