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"Ugh! Paparazzi..."
wild7orchid wrote in lj_photophile
Clicky-clicky the image, as usual. :))

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so character, so charm! ))

Yeah, the little guy has a lot of emotions and very expressive face! :))

"Yes, it's a leash. But I'll remember you... Soon."
So human expression...

It's amazing, isn't it? Probably, if other animals had no fur on the faces, we could see clearly what they thought about us, humans. ;)

Funny guy, doesn't look too happy. But cute:)

Being naked in a public place is not such a great experience, I guess, especially when paparazzi swarm around. lol

I thought of Lady Gaga almost immediately.

Thanks for the great comment! :DD

Эта порода кошачьих с младенчества уже мудрые старички)))

Имя обязывает надо полагать. Сфинкс - он такой мудрый и загадочный, вот "приемные детки" и замудрели. :))

"приемные детки"))) при таком имени и не сразу уяснишь что кого греет...

LOL looks like he got up on the wrong side of the bed.

There were two sphynxes, so probably there was some bed-related conflict between them. lol

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