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Congratulations to kotoshka!
me vector
berniebentablo wrote in lj_photophile

Congrats to kotoshka, who won our 148th lj_photophile contest!

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Dear Friends of Photography,

I am grateful for your kind voting for my photo for this week. I hope it was enjoyable for you all to see, and select, from amongst a set of so many beautiful photographs.

Best regards,

A beautiful photo... a well-deserved win!!


Прекрасный снимок!
Поздравляю с победой)))

А куда изчезла Ваша собачка с цветочками?:)
Искала-искала... Увы, не нашла.
Ваша Карелия-корни на скале -хорошо очень!

Мы с псом просто сказали спасибо и сами ушли... ;) Опять же - улыбнули, и опять же - очень приятно!

Kotoshka was the best!
I am very happy!

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