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Sunset over the bay
candy canes
superbadgirl wrote in lj_photophile
sunset, down the street2

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That is just beautiful!

It's become one of my favorite spots for sunsets, that's for sure.

Is that a view from your place?

Just down the street away there's a little overlook at one of the many curves. Overlook is generous. It's a you-have-four-feet-to-stop-before-you-plummet-off-the-edge spot. :)

Very, especially since the day leading up to it was full of nothing but clouds and rain.

a very interesting shot. It feels like you are elevated above the sea level --
so, you are either flying or maybe are on the top of a hill or a toll bulding.

I'm halfway up a hill. :)

"toll" I meant "tall" (sorry about my spelling I am slightly dyslexic).
Were is it, if I may ask?

I wanted to make one suggestion, if I may.
The horizon line is tilted down to the right.
If you use flickr or have some editor on your computer
it is really easy and may be worth it to fix it and
make the horizon line completely horizontal.

I'm on the Oregon coast - this is Youngs Bay.

Hmm, valid. I admit to being a pretty lazy point-and-shooter. My kingdom for a tripod. :) I did take more than one and this one is less crooked, but also a smidge less vibrant. The colors came and went very quickly.

sunset 003

I know about colors. It's even faster further down South on the Texas coast.
I take my pack to the beach every days, frequently with our camera.

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