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Watchful dragon
wild7orchid wrote in lj_photophile
Click the image to see a bigger photo on Flickr.

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I like the glittery treatment on this image!

I'm glad you like it because I had to get through A LOT of effects to find this one. :))

Yeah, it looks like the lizard has a very high self-esteem! lol

Wonderful creature! Love the carriage of the head...

Аж весь залоснился, заискрился от гордости. Неровен час – лопнет ведь)))

Да, мы такие! Хладнокровные, но с огромным чувством собственного достоинства. Лопни - не лопни, а фасон держи. :))

Так держать!!! :)))

I think he's from another planet. Looks so alien:)

It's quite possible! Never know what can arrive in London, especially in unchecked luggage. ;)

Awesome, I love bearded dragons! That's what species this guy is, it's a type of Australian lizard increasing in popularity as a pet. Very friendly, very tame. :D Great pic!

Thank you for all the info and I'm totally happy that you like the photo. :))

bearded dragons are great

Probably, I should re-name the entry. Dragon sounds much cooler than lizard. ;)

Thank you for your comment and I hope you're having just awesome holidays! :))

I used to have two. Great buddies to have. Happy New Year!

This is my lizard! I have one just like this as a pet.
Great photo!

Thank you, hon, and Happy New Year! I've heard from you for ages. ;)

Happy New Year to you too!
I stopped reading this community... too many photos :)

Great shot and effects.

Thank you! I'm glad to know that you like it! :))

nice work. One of most mysterious creatures in the world...

Your nice words mean a lot to me. Thank you! :))

Thank you! :)

Btw, how did you find this photo? I posted it way back. ;)

Thanks! :)

Btw, where did you find this photo? Somehow, it continue gets comments despite I've posted it long time ago. O_O

Its interesting :)

Re: Breathtaking...!!

Thank you! :)

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