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crysania4 wrote in lj_photophile

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I love the sound that ducks make when they land in the water. :-)

It's always an amusing sound. They're so graceful but they look so clumsy when they land!

Woow!!!! Beautiful picture!!!

Thank you! I stood around for what felt like FOREVER to get it.

Thank you! I waited a long time for that picture. As it turns out, ducks are not very cooperative.

Gorgeous clear shot!

Thank you! I felt very lucky to have gotten it! I was SURE it was going to turn out blurry.

(Deleted comment)
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

Nice shot! But this duck seems not to be shure how to land. :))

Thanks for sharing! Hope Working on!
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Потрясающе красиво! Надо же так ухватить момент! Бесподобная утка - и великолепный камыш, и вода с отражением камыша - удовольствие получила от снимка!

Wo... what is he doing?

He's coming in for a landing.

Smart, beautiful photos

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