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Another cutie! The fur is extraordinary, great photo!

There were a few of them on one table, can you imagine that?!! I was having a mild heart-attack. lol

Thank you for the nice words! :D

So cute. I love dogs but the thought of caring for these long fur... :)
Oh, happy belated birthday. ;)

Well... The fur is not THAT long but I agree that it's plenty of work to keep it nice and tidy.

Thank you! It's very nice of you to remember about my birthday! :DD

Сколь выдержана улыбка немца на показе в Великобритании (судя по брошюре у лап и мимике пса). Супер!!!

Профессиональная модель всегда работает профессионально. Сказали улыбнуться - значит так и делаем. :D

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