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The Milky Way
let there be songs to fill the air
liquidmistletoe wrote in lj_photophile

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Oh my gosh amazing! I want to be where you were!

One of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen! Sooooo amazing.

That's amazing! Nicely done! Is it layered, or was there no breeze so the trees are perfectly stationary? Either way, it's lovely work.

It is one 30-second shot... the air was still :) Thank you!

~Yet, we still look up to it and raise our trunks high, like the trees standing still, with their crowning glory facing the dark, as if begging for anwers to our silent questions..!~


Beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing.. :)

This is a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing :)

Incredible photo, it is so beautiful! You have amazing skill

this photo completes me on every level.


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