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Wet but awesome!!!
wild7orchid wrote in lj_photophile
Click the image to see the bigger photo and more wet guys on Flickr. :))

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Are their eyes dark blue, or is it my monitor?:)) They are lovely:)

I think this is sky's reflection in the eye. If they'd be blue-eyed, I'd jump into their enclosure to take even closer photo. I'm a blue-eyes-addict. lol

Thank you!!!! :))

Congrats, you made it again!:)

Thank you for voting!! *hugs*

This is again a so cute creature! Wonderful photo!

Awwwwwww, thank you, my dear! I'm happy to know that you like them. :))

Otters have very expressive postures and faces! I love the "buddha" meditating one...

As far as I could see, being in meditative state of mind wasn't typical thing for the otters. They were swimming and playing constantly, so probably I should shoot some video as well. It would be funny. :))

Thanks again! :D

Great photograph! Exposure is bang on! And look at that fur! Tack-sharp shot!!! Another WINNER!

WOW! Thanks for such nice words and all the support! :D

Pretty much the cutest critter in the history of ever.

OH it's so cute. Adorable.

(Deleted comment)
I think all those people who voted for the otter agree with you!

Thanks for your nice comment. :))

That's an absolutely great shot. Love it. They're so cute!

You are absolutely great! Thank you for such an awesome comment! :))

Aww too sweet!
Recently I spent quite sime time watching two otters in a zoo. Sadly not in the wild but it was so fun to watch them, like with Crash and Eddie from Ice Age. Suppose I would stand there even today if possible :)
Nah I like the depths and how clearly you can see everything, absolutely stunning. What cam do you use?

I have Nikon 3000, so it's relatively cheap. Sometimes it's not about a camera but more about lens. Back then, I just bought AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300 MM F/4.5-5.6g ED VR (what a name! lol) and I tried it in London Zoo. Some photos came out quite nicely, just like this one. If you have time and wish you can check my journal for more photos. The day was quite productive! ;)

Thanks again, hon! :))

I have a relatively cheap Canon EOS but with the one or other lens real problem to focus at times. Therefore I really do adore such pictures :)
I will, if Livejournal will work properly again :/ Do have real problems at the moment but more pictures are a real treat :)

I'm a sucker for sharp photos, too. But unfortunately, you never know if your shot will be good or blur disappointment. I suppose this is the difference between professional photographers and us, amateurs. They can deliver while we depend on luck, mostly. There is a lot of to learn, you know. :))

Don't get me started about lens! They can be soooo expensive. Sometimes, it's just shocking. O_O

Btw, my camera is Nikon D3000. Apologize for mistake. ;)

I feel with you. That's so annoying to keep trying and when you see them on your monitor it's still not satisfying :( Bugger really.
At times I wish someone would show me how to do it, you know. I have quite a few books which keep explaining and still I can't memorise it.
Well at least we are really happy about a great shot then :D

lol yeah that's such a lovely subject. I'm angry with my Tamron now. Need to find out if it's the pol filter or the lense which is messing up. Right now I'm close to sell the whole stuff and get me something like 'don't think just hit the button'.

Honestly I never really started to think about Nikon that you could tell me tons and I wouldn't know the difference without using google :D

Sorry for my late reply. LJ and I keep fighting in the evenings and I don't always find time at work.

I'd die without Net, surely. If I need any kind of info, I always can find it there and this is just great. So, I use Internet a lot, too, finding really helpful sites. For example, I visit this site now and then.
It's written in simple language with plenty of examples. ;)

No worries about late reply. It's cool! Btw, if you want you can add me as your friend and we can chat some more, on our journals. :))

Thanks for the Link :) Will have to check it out!
Well it's not that I don't understand I just can't memorize it -shrugs-

Done :) You have two have you? Journals I mean

These are absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you very much for your nice words! :))

I'm happy to know that you agree! lol

(Deleted comment)
It''s so cute!!!! <3 was this a zoom in or did you actually get this close??

Nope, it was just a zoom. Despite that the shot was taken in Zoo, this funny family was on some distance still. Unfortunately, you can't jump into enclosure and join them. ;)

Thank you for the nice comment! :))

lol I'd swim with them if i could XD

I'm sure you'd be very welcome! :D

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