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Black Cat
cow milkin'
leahfu wrote in lj_photophile

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Cute! He looks a bit cranky!

Beautiful, clever- looking cat! I love black cats)))

me too! Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

I love black cats! I had one growing up and she was just the best. :)

I had one too! Black cats are so affectionate.


The green echo between the eyes and the grass is a particularly nice touch.

"I'm watching you! Don't mess with me or I'll cross your path and take your luck!" ;)

Great angle to this shot! I like how your depth of field is focused on the face. Nice.

Thats so adorable ^^ love the eyes

What a beautiful cat! I have one like him/her. Please tell me the name and age.

His name is Beau and he's less than a year old.

Here's a photo of him from a few days ago

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Georgeous picture and vey cute cat ! :)
(I have pretty much the same looking cat at home xD)

Both the cat and the picture are absolutely stunning.

I love this picture! My cat, Midnight, looks just like him!

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