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let there be songs to fill the air
liquidmistletoe wrote in lj_photophile

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Love the tilt-shift effect, as I think I said elsewhere! :) Did you do it in post?

Thanks! It was in a "teaser" post (which I finally followed up on! hehe)

Love this!

Also, for some reason, I always think of Mr. Rogers when I see shots like this. No idea why.

I had never thought of that before, and now I don't know if I can shake it, haha.

I didn't think it was real at first. It looks like a toy scene!

Well good, then I have succeeded with my intended effect! The tilt-shift effect (also called the "miniature effect") is intended to take a scene and make it look like it's a little miniture toy scene, so I am actually glad it works here! :)

yes, very much so. I struggled to believe it wasn't a miniature model scene at first.

Extremely cool! And thanks for explaining the effect. I had no idea what it was called.

Wow! How did you do this? I assume you need a special lens?

nice tilt-shift! thank you!

Love this Picture, first time on here and I see this!! COOL BEANS!!

Awesome, I never get tired of Tilt Shift!

Boy oh boy I thought the city was bigger than that!
Just a Great little Toy Town effect and love the colours.

Baltimore is one of my favorite cities, always something interesting to look at as this photo shows. Nice job!

Looks like a gorgeous place to be. Nice picture :).

This is a great example of The tilt-shift effect, but I think too many TV producers are using it way too much, in trailers and documentries.

what a perfectly sunny day! **nice work**

Under what age does one need to be to understand what this photo and comments mean? I'm 47. Part is blurry, part is not? What exactly is the desired effect? Thank you!

I do not think there is a minimum or maximum age requirement for this effect in photography! It is called a "tilt-shift effect" ( it is historically acheived with a special lens, but these days, you can achieve the same effect with post-processing (as I have done, as I don't have access to a tilt-shift lens).

The desired effect is something like a "miniature" scene - because of the dramatic change from in-focus to out-of-focus, it appears to be a much smaller scene than it really is, as that shift in focus is more typical with a much smaller subject. Typically, the effect is better used on scenes that involve cities, vehicles, people, etc. Things you'd see "miniatures" of :)

Hope this helps!

This is amazing! I can't tell if it's a great minature out of an I Spy book or the actual city because of the angle of the picture and the clearness of it; Bravo!

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