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Scarlet Sails
nazarov_msk wrote in lj_photophile

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Wow...that top picture of the big sail looks like from a painting.

What celebration was it?

It`s celebrating the end of school year in Saint-Petersburg.

Wow - we don't have anything like that here! These are wonderful pics and I especially love the ones of the ship!

I particularly like the composition of the first pic, but they are all very good, and very interesting.

The colour are just amazing! Awesome series of photos!! :D

I love the first and last shots particularly. The backdrop makes the ship seem unreal.

Amazing - especially #1 and #4!

Lovely pictures especially the first.

I like the first picture the most.It looks like the night in my hometown.:D

Very beautiful! The red water.. is it a fotoshop trick or is it real?

Lovely pictures, I like very much the last picture! Looks like out of this world, kinda....
p.s. I didn't know in Sant-Peterburg you celebrate end of school year so much! Cool!

Scarlet Sails - Spectacular

Never knew that the show was bound to be such success despite the Rains !!!

Besides the obvious beautiful resonance, the multiple-masted ship sailing through scarlet water offers numerous metaphors.

Perfect image for Columbus (aka Native American Day.)

What are the nice pictures

Как хотелось бы посмотреть на Ассолей ) Но капитан у карабля я так понимаю один, его на всех не хватит )

Хоспади, красота то какая!
Надо бы данную картинку как иллюстрацию к книжке сделать ;)

These photos are spectacular, wow! And, the first and last photo (the two of the boat) are absolutely astonishing! I love the composition, the lighting, the ships; everything about them is gorgeous! These photos are stunning, I like them all! I love the angles of these photos, as well, and they capture so many beautiful details! Thanks for showing us your photos.

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