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Under the Stars
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harnessphoto wrote in lj_photophile

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Wow, it's rare I see a night sky photo where I can actually recognize constellations! Great shot!

Well, here's the Big Dipper:

There were a lot of stars down there:

Thats a really lovely pic

Oh, wowww...that is beautiful.

Nice shot. Where was it taken?

On our trip to North Carolina last week. There are more in the series.

I had a feeling it was the east coast. Amazing, you have so many stars. Any special settings you used?

We don't have stars like this in Jersey. LOL. I shot this in full manual with a tripod. 30 second exposure, bumped the ISO, and opened the aperture all the way up.

you should sell prints of this!

I do sell prints of my work. I'm not sure the image quality on these particular shots would be good for large formats, but I'm sure it would make a nice 8x10.

you must live somewhere right out in the wild, I barely get to see any stars where I am!

I live in NJ, but this photo was taken in the wild of North Carolina.

You have left a required field blank. wow gold

This pic was very beautiful

When I saw this I was like "Oo, gorgeous I wish I lived there"... and then I found out that I did...

Great shot, love the stars :). Apparently I'm too busy to notice how beautiful they are here.

Don't see constellations anymore, here. I need to go to the mountains soon!

thanks for this lovely photo.

I love that pic. Thanks for posting it.

this is quite an unusual picture, but it is breathtakingly beautiful.

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